Monday, June 26, 2006

Corruption in Poland

There are many stories in the media concerning corruption in Poland. The latest corruption scandal involves the arrest of a group of archaeologists who it is alleged took bribes in connection with EU funded road construction projects. The present government in Poland has stated that it plans to eradicate the problem and were indeed elected on this anti-corruption platform. I wonder what progress they will make?


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corruption exists in every system, sometimes under different names, for example "lobbying".

Good example is history of coppyrights in USA. Initially copyrights were valid only 13 years and only if author was alive. It was before huge entertraiment corporations has overtook market.

After that Disney and other big music and movie companies were and are still paying a lot of maony to extend copyrights forverer. Right now it is 50 or 75 years. And it is not corruption, it is lobbying ;-)))))

But seriously I agree that corruption of political elites and goverment is a very serious problem. In connection to fact that 75% of media's in Poland has been sold on multi-nation companies lot of decisions of Polish goverment is just transfering public money into pockets of private copmanies. Good example was how one of goverment spend 4 billions of dollars to buy F16 planes that are useless for frontline country (F16 requires super-clean runway, it has air inlet under wings).

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