Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poland and Schengen open borders

I heard that the Polish government thinks that it will join the Schengen Agreement next year. Being accepted into the Schengen Agreement will mean no border controls for Polish citizens within the EU and on borders between Poland and other EU member states, such as the Polish/German border. Importantly for me I won't have to queue up at the border when travelling from my home in Berlin to my second home just over the border in Poland. In return, Poland willl have to guarantee the security of its border with non-EU states such as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Right now the border is weak to saythe least and is an easy obstacle from illegal immigrants from eastern Europe and asians looking to get to Germany and western europe.


Blogger busuyi said...

Am just wondering about this Poland and Schenge thing,do anyone thing foreigners who are not european citizen but they have permanent resident in poland can be allow to visit other Schenge countries without obtaining visas?

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