Thursday, June 15, 2006

Something about my new home in Lubuskie, Polen

Lagow, is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Western Poland. The Lubuski area is located near the main E-30 highway, halfway between Poznan and Berlin. Just one hour and a half hours drive from Berlin, you will find Lagow nestling among thousands of hectares of old beech forests. A stunning feature on the hilltop is a 14th century Castle with a renaissance courtyard. The castle is now a hotel and has a fine restaurant and coffee shop. The tower is a great vantage point for magnificent views, especially of the surrounding park where the two great lakes meet. You will be amazed by the unique crystal clear water of the two large lakes, which is surrounded by lush, unspoilt greenery. The province of Lubuskie is the most densely forested area in Poland. There is an abundance of wild mushrooms (mushroom picking is a popular Polish pastime), wild berries and strawberries. There are wild boar, deer and in fact it is one of the few places in the world where wild bison still roam. Lubuskie is also a bird lovers paradise. Black storks, white storks, water birds, white tailed eagles, black woodpeckers, and corncrakes can all be seen in the area. The lakes are teeming with fresh water fish including prize-winning carp and catfish. The nearby River Obra even has a legend about a giant dog-eating catfish! Fishing is very popular and unrestricted. You can swim in the lakes, hire canoes, rowing boats, and bicycles or simply sunbathe on the beach. In Lagow you can savour delicious Polish Cuisine, from a traditional banquet of wild boar and venison at the historical castle to traditional home cooking (such as pierogi ruskie with fried onions) in one of the many good restaurants in the Lubuskie Lakes region. During the summer and at special occasions throughout the year, one can enjoy classical concerts, craft markets as well as the numerous cafes and restaurants. Lagow also hosts a film festival every June. Lubuskie makes a perfect place to chill-out, or for a vacation with a difference. Lagow with all its charm and natural beauty can offer you a real Polish experience with luxurious and different accommodation at ‘Polish prices’. The peaceful, soothing colours of beech forests and the crystal clear water of the lakes will allow you to forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Nearby cities with interesting shops, cinemas, and lots of people, other than Berlin, include the German border city of Frankfurt Oder and the Polish cities of Gorzow Wlkp., Zielona Gora, and Poznan. Just north of Lagow is the equally picturesque, unspoilt and tourist-friendly lakeside town of Lubniewice.


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