Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poles and Photography

I've noticed that whenever I seem to take my camera out and take photos in Poland that some middle aged, craggy, fish smelling, badly dressed, Polish woman smoking a cigarette will appear and start shouting about not taking photos!

The last time this happened I walked right up to the tracksuit wearing unwashed hag (and her three grinning female companions) and said with a nice smile (in English) that "I don't understand you you ugly old witch, so why don't you just crawl off back under the dungheep from which you have just emerged". I was a little annoyed at being shouted at in the street by some peasant woman for no reason . She then proudly responded in extremely broken but loud German that she speaks German. The Polish fish woman and her three friends then started to laugh and giggle. Delighted I told her exactly the same thing in German (again with a smile). This time adding something extra about polyester not being a good choice in hot weather and the need for her and her companions to have a wash now and again. Bizarrely she didn't understand any of this either and started to again shout in Polish. I laughed at her and walked away making sure I stopped every few steps to take another photo. They followed me for about 500 m until I got in my car and drove away.

As far as I can tell there are three possible explanations:

- these Polish peasants still believe they are living in some sort of communist police state.

- they are ashamed of the way they look and concerned that they might possible stray into one of my photos.

- they wanted to bed me and used aggression to approach and hopefully entice me to flirt with them.

Do readers have any other explanations? Suggestions for dealing with these women :-) ?