Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cruelty to Carp in Poland

Visit any supermarket or town centre in Poland and you'll see large tubs of live Carp gasping for air. These fish are often cut, wounded and basically near the end. Customers then buy them and take these still living carp home in plastic carrier bags and keep them in smaller containers until Christmas Eve. They are then taken out and killed.

In my view the the practice of selling of live carp for killing at a later date should be banned in Poland and throughout the EU. This is a sick practice, which the EU should not be paying to promote., which it is currently doing via a television campaign on Polish tv.

This money given by the EU for Polish Carp television advertising campaigns should be immediately halted. Watch Polish television now and you are almost certain to see a ridiculous advertisement for "eating Pan (Mr) Carp this Christmas", followed by a sponsored by the EU logo. I have never seen such a complete waste of EU taxpayers money ...


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